Council Publications 

The Council has developed a short list of publications to assist home care agencies understand and comply with the federal guidelines and industry standards regarding the provision of home care aide services in Massachusetts. These publications are sold at a significantly discounted rate to our members.

 Our Most Popular Manuals:                     

  • Home Health Aide (HHA) Crossover Curriculum
  • 2019 Home Health Aide Competency Exam (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Haitian Creole.)
  • 2024 Standards Of Practice For Home Care Aide Services In Massachusetts
  • Standards for Private Pay Agencies: An Addendum to the Standards of Practice for Home Care Aide Services in Massachusetts
  • Home Health Aide Competency Exam
  • Supportive Home Care Aide Curriculum

For the more detailed list and publication rates or to order any of these publications, Click Here, and send it to Julie Watt Faqir at [email protected]. For any questions please call 857-404-6766.

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